Sunday, April 4, 2010


Five-Prong Development Strategy for the Corridor.

The Sarawak Corridor will adopt a 5-prong development strategy:

Drive priority industries investments towards 3 major growth nodes along the Corridor – Tanjung Manis (south), Mukah (centre) and Similajau (north).

Build a well-designed network of industrial class transport and communication infrastructure within the Corridor, extended outwards to systematically open up the hinterland.

Fast-forward the development of energy supply centering around currently known feasible hydro power (Murum, Limbang, Baram and Baleh) and coal deposit sites.

Accelerate human capital development within the Corridor with new learning centres and controlled immigration of skilled foreign workers.

Develop the tourism industry, focusing on the natural attractions of the Central Region, particularly the lakes upstream of the hydro power stations and the beaches along the northern part of the Corridor.

Ten Priority Industries.

Priority industries are industries that will have the highest economic impact on Sarawak and should be given priority focus in marketing planning, investment promotion and physical development planning. These 10 priority industries are:

1.Oil-based industry

2.Aluminium industry

3.Steel and glass industry

4.Tourism industry

5.Palm-oil industry

6.Timber-based industry

7.Livestock industry

8.Aquaculture industry

9.Marine engineering industry.

Three Major Growth Nodes.

Three focused growth nodes are selected to focus investment efforts within the Corridor to derive synergies in the development of the entire central region. These 3 growth nodes are:


2.Tanjung Manis


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